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Download Free Gifts Including Some of Akvile Lawrence's Wildlife Paintings

Over the next short while we will be developing a range of free gifts incorporating Akvile's wildlife paintings that you can download for free.

Screen Saver

We have made a free screensaver that cycles through 10 of Akvile's nature paintings. Download it by right clicking on the link below. Initially save the file on the desktop of your own computer. This is a .zip file (used since some servers block execultable files for security reasons). Once it is on your desktop, double click on the file and extract the file "AkvileLawrenceWildlifePaintingsScreenSaver.scr" to your desktop. When that is done, copy this file to the c:/windows directory on your computer (if you do not have a programme to extract from a .zip file, you can download Zipgenius without cost). To activate the screensaver, right click on your desktop (you may need to minimize any programmes that you are currently running so that you can see your desktop) and choose settings. Then choose screensaver and choose "AkvileLawrenceWildlifePaintingsScreenSaver" from the dropdown box with possible screensavers. Click on Apply and you are done...

Download your free screensave of Akvile Lawrence's Wildlife Paintings

Greeting Cards

If you want to send a special greeting to someone, send one of Akvile's free e-greeting cards, based on her wildlife paintings. We are trying something a little different from the majority of e-greeting cards, in that the card is primarily sent directly as a formatted email, rather that as a link back to wildlife-art.classical-luxury.com (for cases where the receiving email system cannot display formatted emails, a link is also provided so that the recipient can still see the e-greeting card).

Send a Wildlife Painting e-Greeting Card to someone special

In the very short future there will also be note paper templates. Stay tuned!